Purpose of this blog

Hello, I'm an author and an avid reader and wanted to create a blog that would be helpful to other writers and readers. Here, I will post lists, links, and other information that I hope will prove useful. Happy reading and writing! -Laura Hogg

Sunday, October 14, 2012


a: angular, apple-shaped
b: branching, broken
c: curved, crimped, crinkled, conical, cylindrical, chubby, clustered, crooked, curved, cubed, circle
d: domed, diamond, decahedron
e: equilateral triangle, edgy, elipse, equiangular
f: flat, frilled, flared
g: globular, gomboc
h: hollow, hexagonal, heptagon
i: irregular
j: jutting, jagged
k: kite
l: lumpy, lozenge
m: mutated, misshaped
n: narrow, nonagon
o: oval, octagonal
p: portly, padded, pendulous, proportioned, pyramidical, parallelogram, pear-shaped, pin-shaped
q: quadrilateral, quadrangle
r: round, rolled, ruffled, rotund, rectangular, ragged
s: scrolled, scalloped, swollen, square, split, spindly, skinny, shapely, shapeless, straight, stretched, sharp
t: tubular, tufted, triangular, tapering, twiggy, thin, trapezoid
u: undecagon
v: vesica piscis
w: wavy, wiry, winged, wide
x: xiphoid (sword-shaped)
y: yin-yang
z: zucchini